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Aylmer Police Service
Records Management Section

20 Beech Street East
Aylmer, Ontario    N5H 3H6

(519) 773-3146

Reconsideration Process

An applicant who has had a criminal record check, a criminal record and Judicial matters check or vulnerable sector check completed, may wish to have information excluded from the results. A process of reconsideration is in place at the Aylmer Police Service.

Requests for reconsideration should be made within 60 days of the completion of the applicant's police record check. A reconsideration request must be made in writing and submitted to:

Aylmer Police Service
20 Beech Street East
Alymer, Ontario    N5H 3H6

You may also refer to the Aylmer Police Service website at (www.aylmerpolice.com) for further information regarding the Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC) and Police Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (PCRJMC) process.

Correction Process

Any applicant who identifies an error or omission in their results may directly contact the Records Manager at [email protected].

Destruction of Fingerprints and Photographs

Aylmer Police will not routinely destroy adult identification records where charges are dismissed, withdrawn, stayed (after the appropriate waiting period), acquitted or not proceeded with. Aylmer Police Service will consider the destruction of fingerprints and photographs upon receiving a written request from the person who is subject of the fingerprints/photographs or their solicitor when:
  • The accused is a first-time offender with no prior involvement with the police as a suspect
  • There is no record of a criminal conviction
  • A peace bond is not in effect for the party requesting destruction
  • One year after a stay of proceedings

Release of Completed Police Record Check

Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC) / Police Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (PCRJMC)

The Police Service will provide the results of a completed Police Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (PCRJMC) only to you, the applicant.

It is your decision to discuss the results of a Police Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (PCRJMC) with the agency where you want to work or volunteer.

The role of the Police Service is to provide you with the results of the Police Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (PCRJMC). It is the responsibility of the volunteer or employment agency to determine your suitability for the position.