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  1. Processing Time: How long does it take to process a PIC?

    Police Information Check applications are processed in order of date received and search results should be completed within 10 business days. Delays may occur in completing the search if we need to verify data with other agencies or fingerprints are required to confirm identity.

  2. Receiving Your Results: Who can receive my completed results?

    Completed Police Information Checks will be mailed to the applicant’s home address upon completion. The Abbotsford Police Department will not release the results of a Police Information Check to a third party or employer under any circumstance. It is up to you to forward these results to the agency that has requested the Police Information Check.
  3. PIC Standards: What determines the type of information release on my PIC results?

    The Abbotsford Police Department plays a neutral role in determining suitability regarding employment and/or volunteer risk assessment. By performing a PIC, the Abbotsford Police Department is in no way making a recommendation as to the suitability of the applicant for a position, nor should an agency consider the existence of police information to mean a compulsory disqualification of the individual. It is important to note that information released on a Police Information Check in some instances is based upon information provided by the applicant. A police agency cannot guarantee it will identify all information pertaining to the individual.
  4. Self-Declaration: Why was I asked if I have a criminal record to declare and what is the purpose of this declaration?

    Self-declaration of a Criminal Record is a process whereby the applicant declares their adult criminal convictions. This allows the Abbotsford Police to assess the accuracy of the applicant’s criminal record information without taking fingerprints. In order to release criminal convictions identified through a name based query, the Abbotsford Police must be satisfied that the applicant’s declared criminal record information is a match to their registered criminal record held at the RCMP National Repository for Criminal Records.
  5. Fingerprinting Services: Do you provide fingerprinting services?

    Yes, the Abbotsford Police Department provides a variety of digital fingerprinting services. Traditional ink and roll method is also available for other purposes. Refer to the following link for more information: Fingerprinting Services.
  6. Local Police Record Check: I need to complete a Local Police Record Check for a record suspension (pardon) application, is that the same as a PIC?

    No, a Local Police Record Check required for record suspension applications is different from a PIC, however we can provide you with a Local Police Record Check. Please click here for more details.