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Types of Police Information Checks

There are two types of police information checks (PIC and PIC VS). The type of position you are applying for will determine which type of check you will require. In all cases you should consult with the agency, organization or employer that requires you to obtain a police check to determine which one you need.

  1. Police Information Check without Vulnerable Sector Screening (PIC)

    This check is intended for applicants who are seeking employment and/or volunteer opportunities with agencies who require a police information check. This check is for applications who will NOT be in a position of authority or trust relative to vulnerable persons.

  2. Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening (PIC VS)

    This check is restricted to applicants seeking employment and/or volunteer positions in a position of authority or trust relative to vulnerable persons. This check is more in-depth and can include checks for any convictions, outstanding warrants, charges, judicial orders, non-convictions and adverse police contact information available from local police agency’s records management system and other systems/records where authorized. This check will include sexual offence convictions for which the individual has received a record suspension, subject to authorization by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

    Please click here for further information about vulnerable sector screening and possible fingerprinting requirement as individuals applying for PIC VS may be requested to come in for fingerprinting.

    Here are some common examples of when a PIC versus a PIC VS may be required.

  Position or Occupation
(these are guidelines only, your employer will
determine which check is required)
1. School Teacher or Teaching Assistant (on hire or placement)   Requires PIC-VS
2. Office worker Requires PIC  
3. Social Worker   Requires PIC-VS
4. Daycare Worker   Requires PIC-VS
5. School Bus Driver   Requires PIC-VS
6. Counselor / Psychologist / Social Worker   Requires PIC-VS
7. Retail Worker Requires PIC  
8. Residential Care Aid / Caregiver   Requires PIC-VS
9. Factory / Warehouse Worker Requires PIC  
10. Truck Driver Requires PIC  
11. Minor Sporting Coach   Requires PIC-VS
12. Scout Leader   Requires PIC-VS
13. Hospitality (bars, restaurants, hotels) Requires PIC  
14. Tenant for rental property Requires PIC  
15. Child and Youth Worker   Requires PIC-VS
16. Nursing / Retirement Home Worker   Requires PIC-VS
17. School Crossing Guard   Requires PIC-VS
18. Host Family / Boarding Parent   Requires PIC-VS
19. Security Guard Requires PIC  
20. Police Officer   Requires PIC-VS
21. Realtor / Mortgage Broker Requires PIC  
22. Attendant in animal sheltr / dog walker Requires PIC