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Police Information Check

Police Information Check<br/>(PIC)

Intended for applicants who are seeking volunteer and/or employment with agencies who require a police check with with local police involvement.

Police Information Check with VS

Police Information Check with VS<br/>(PIC-VS)

Restricted to applicants seeking employment and/or volunteering with vulnerable individuals.

Record Suspension or Pardon

Record Suspension or Pardon<br/><br/>

Information relating to the Parole Board of Canada - Record Suspension.

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Please note: If you are seeking a 'Local Police Records Check' as part of the Record Suspension (Pardon) application process, do not use an online police check as it is not appropriate for this purpose.

NOTE - you must be 18 years or older to submit a Vulnerable Sector application.
  Position or Occupation
(these are guidelines only, your employer will
determine which check is required)
Police Information Check (PIC)
Police Information Check w/VS
1. School Teacher or Teaching Assistant (on hire or placement)   Requires PIC-VS
2. Office worker Requires PIC  
3. Social Worker   Requires PIC-VS
4. Daycare Worker   Requires PIC-VS
5. School Bus Driver   Requires PIC-VS
6. Taxi Cab Driver   Requires PIC-VS
7. Retail Worker Requires PIC  
8. Personal Support Worker   Requires PIC-VS
9. Factory Worker Requires PIC  
10. Food Vendor Requires PIC  
11. Minor Sporting Coach   Requires PIC-VS
12. Scout Leader   Requires PIC-VS
13. Hospitality (bars, restaurants, hotels) Requires PIC  
14. Tenant for rental property Requires PIC  
15. Youth Worker   Requires PIC-VS
16. Nursing/Retirement Home Worker   Requires PIC-VS
17. School Crossing Guard   Requires PIC-VS
18. Landlord/Superintendent Requires PIC  
19. Security Guard   Requires PIC
20. Bank Teller Requires PIC  
21. Immigration/Permanent Resident Requires PIC  
22. Out-of-City Police Information (PIC) for Record Suspension Call  
  Non-Refundable Fee
All online checks require an additional
$9.95 processing / authentication fee + applicable taxes
Police Information Check (PIC)
Police Information Check w/VS (PIC-VS)
1. For Employment $52.55 $52.55
2. For Personal Knowledge $52.55  
3. For Immigration $52.55  
4. For Travel Waiver $52.55  
5. For Unpaid Student Placement   $52.55
6. For Adoption   $52.55
7. For Kinship   $52.55
8. For Foster Parent   $52.55
9. For Respite Care   $52.55
10. For Volunteer $4.55 $4.55
For out-of-city Police Information Checks (PIC) for the purposes of a Record Suspension,
please contact our offices.
  Estimated Turnaround Times
(while the police service strives to meet these timeframes,
there is no guarantee)
Police Information Check (PIC)
Police Information Check w/VS (PIC-VS)
1. For Employment 3 business days 3 business days
2. For Personal Knowledge 3 business days
3. For Immigration 3 business days
4. For Travel Waiver 3 business days
5. For Unpaid Student Placement 3 business days
6. For Adoption 3 business days
7. For Kinship 3 business days
8. For Foster Parent 3 business days
9. For Respite Care 3 business days
10. For Volunteer 3 business days 3 business days