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Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)

A Police Vulnerable Sector Check or PVSC, is the most comprehensive of all levels of checks. It includes all the information contained in the standard Criminal Record Check as well as additional detail.

This is designed specifically for applicants who are working in the vulnerable sector. It confirms whether or not the subject has a criminal record of convictions in Canada for which fingerprints were taken. It also provides additional details from police files, where present, such as police contacts, non-convictions, judicial orders that may be in effect, outstanding charges and warrants, and other potentially relevant information.

It also includes a check of convictions for sexual offences for which the applicant has received a pardon or record suspension.

It is most appropriate for persons working as teachers, nurses, personal care workers, day-care staff, retirement nursing home staff, scout leaders, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, foster parents, or anyone working with children, the elderly or persons with physical or cognitive challenges.

It may also contain additional conviction information, if any, from the police service conducting the checks.