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Forrest Green Consent Statement

I give permission to Forrest Green Solutions Ltd., on behalf of the Police Service, to collect my personal information - namely my name(s), gender, address(es), telephone number(s), place of birth, date of birth, current employer (optional), criminal record history (optional) and driver's licence (optional) - and to share it (except for my place of birth and criminal record history, if provided) with a licensed consumer credit reporting agency (e.g. TransUnion) to authenticate my identity when applying online for a police record check. I understand and acknowledge that my personal information (except for my place of birth and criminal record history) will be shared with a consumer credit reporting agency and may update my consumer credit report.

I understand that even if I correctly answer all of the authentication questions, I may still be required to visit the police station. I further acknowledge that the Police Service may require me to complete a finger printing process at additional cost.

I understand and agree that if I abandon the authentication process at any point or do not successfully complete the questions or if the Police Service for any reason determines that my application cannot be completed I will not be refunded the amount already pre-paid.