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Business - Introduction

I'm Chief Bryant Wood, Chief of Police for the Port Hope Police Service.

Welcome to our electronic background check process. We've created this side of the web site specifically to help business owners, agencies and community groups decide which level of police screening check is most appropriate for your employees and volunteers.

We've created a series of videos that will help to clear up confusion and misconceptions on the process.

We've provided ample information on this site to give you background and help you make the correct selection for your employees and volunteers. We ask that you pay particular attention to the information on the Vulnerable Sector Screening Check. It's the most intrusive of all the police checks and the position must meet a very narrow set of criteria in order for us to process this type of check for you.

Your employees or volunteers must be working in a position of authority or mentorship or have sustained contact in an unsupervised environment with people who are in the vulnerable sector. By definition: children; the disabled, either cognitively or physically; and elderly persons.

We hope you'll find this information helpful.

Thank you.