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Police Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (PCRJMC)

This type of check is intended for applicants who are seeking to volunteer or be employed with agencies who require a Police Criminal Records Check along with local police contact information.

It includes offence information including convictions as well as non-convictions and other relevant police contact information that may be available from local police files.

This check can also be done for student placement purposes where the position does not qualify for vulnerable position screening.

It does not include a search of the pardoned sex offender database or contacts relating to mental health apprehensions.

This type of check is ideal for people who require information to help them cross the border or to obtain a work visa. Or you might be seeking employment in such positions as firefighters, park wardens, or Drive Seat as a designated driver.

Again, this check is not intended for applicants who will be volunteering or working with the vulnerable persons.