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Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)

A Police Vulnerable Sector Check is the most comprehensive record check available. This level of check is restricted to applicants who are seeking volunteer or employment with agencies or organizations that is responsible for the well-being of children or vulnerable individuals. The applicant must be in a position where they will be directly responsible for children or vulnerable individuals.

It includes all the information contained in the Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check.

The Police Vulnerable Sector Check includes information regarding convictions, outstanding charges before the courts and current judicial orders.

In exceptional circumstances, police contact or non-conviction records may be considered for release on a Police Vulnerable Sector Check if they meet the Exceptional Disclosure Assessment. There may be specific, exceptional cases where the existence of these types of records gives rise to concrete and compelling concern for the safety of vulnerable persons.

It also includes a check of convictions for sexual offenses for which the individual has received a pardon or a record suspension.

This level of record check is most appropriate for persons working as: teachers, nurses, youth sports coaches, personal support workers, day-care staff, retirement or nursing home staff, scout leaders, foster parent or anyone directly working with children, the elderly or persons with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Please note that applicants requesting this level of a record check may be required to submit fingerprints as a result of an inconclusive vulnerable sector search. This means that either your name, gender and date of birth or gender and date of birth have matched with an individual who has received a pardon or record suspension. Should it be deemed necessary that fingerprints are required to complete your check, you will receive notification and further instructions.