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Forrest Green Consent Statement

I give permission to Forrest Green Solutions Ltd., on behalf of the Police Service, to collect my personal information, including but not limited to name(s), gender, address(es), date of birth, employment history and driver's licence, and to share it with a licenced consumer credit reporting agency (eg. TransUnion) to authenticate my identity when applying online for a police background check. I understand that my personal information will be shared with a consumer credit reporting agency and may update my consumer credit report.

I understand that even if I correctly answer all of the authentication questions, I may still be required to visit the police station. I further acknowledge that the Police Service may require me to complete a finger printing process at additional cost.

I understand and agree that if I abandon the authentication process at any point or do not successfully complete the questions or if the Police Service for any reason determine the application cannot be completed, I will not be refunded the amount already pre-paid.